Accessing Legal Directions Issued to Industry

The legal direction copies are hosted on the website for the information of enterprenuers.

Sr. No Legal Action Number. Industry Name Address Region Category Direction Type Outward Number Issued On Scan Copy
1 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-031219012 M/s. Komal Leolite Pvt. Ltd. Acchad Indl. Estate Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2005040001 04-05-2020
2 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-141119001 Hari Om Industries Unit No. 10, Plot No.29/30, Dewan & Sons Industrial Complex, Village Mahim, Palghar Thane Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2005040003 04-05-2020
3 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-220420005 Yasika Steels Pvt. Ltd., Amgaon Ind.Estate, Amgaon, Taluka- Talasari, Dist - Thane Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2005040002 04-05-2020
4 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-251119002 Aarti Drugs Ltd T-150 , Plot No. T-150 MIDC Tarapur, Dist. Palghar. Thane red Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2004290001 29-04-2020
5 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-180320001 RESINS & ALLIED PRODUCTS M.I.D.C., TARAPUR Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004290002 29-04-2020
6 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-180320006 SAPAN CHEMICALS MIDC TARAPUR Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004290001 29-04-2020
7 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-120320010 Cemix concrete S. No. 08 hissa No.1, Part B vill. Ghodbunder, Dhananjay Vanity Farm Post Mira, Dist. Thane Thane green Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004240001 24-04-2020
8 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-260220019 M/s. Unilex Exports Ltd. Plot No.E-10/2, MIDC, Tarapur Thane Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004180001 21-04-2020
9 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-091219002 Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. M-3 MIDC Tarapur Thane red Closure Direction 200414FTS0001 20-04-2020
10 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-180320002 ANAMAYEE PHARMACHEM PVT.LTD. K-37, MIDC TARAPUR BOISAR THANE Thane red Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2004130001 13-04-2020
11 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-170320010 C.JIVANLAL AND COMPANY MIDC TARAPUR PALGHAR THANE Thane red Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2004130002 13-04-2020
12 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-180320004 Organo Fine Chemicals E-98 , E-98 MIDC Tarapur Palgahr Thane Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004130003 13-04-2020
13 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-170320005 JAGDAMBA CHEMICALS Plot No. T-88, M.I.D.C., TARAPUR Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004130001 13-04-2020
14 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-110320025 PANCHAMRUT CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. M.I.D.C., TARAPUR Thane red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004130002 13-04-2020
15 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-280220021 M/s. Chemia Chemicals Plot No. A-62, Phase-I, MIDC Dombivali, Thane. Kalyan Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004100001 10-04-2020
16 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-160320023 m/s Tuphan Pepsi Buapada Amberanath Kalyan Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004030001 08-04-2020
17 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-160320016 Lalita Enterprises H-No-9186 , H-No-9186- Pavan Putra Niwas,Barkupada, Opp.Rikshwa Stand,Ambernath (E) Kalyan green Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2004030002 08-04-2020
18 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-280220026 M/s. Pluto Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Tata Authorized Service Centre, M/s. Krishna Authorized Service Centre, Plot No. B-55, MIDC Phase-I, Dombivali, Dist. Thane Kalyan Closure Direction MPCB/SROK-1/ROK/CD/429 dtd 27/02/2020 06-04-2020
19 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-200320021 Nikam Stone Crusher Gat No.112 , Aurangabad orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2004030002 03-04-2020
20 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-200320023 Chaudhari Stone Crusher Gat No.- 105, Nadarpur, Tal.- Kannad, Dist.-Aurangabad Aurangabad Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2004030001 03-04-2020

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