GUIDELINES : How to make online applicaiton

  • STEP 1:
    • After you visit this page will appear.
    • If you already registered user, provide username and password for login

    • If you are not registered user, follow Step 2

  • STEP 2:
    • After clicking on 'New Industry Login' link from Step 1, this page will appear.

    • Provide details of industry including Name, email, address, phone/mobile and partners information.

    • After registration to site he/she will receive an account activation email with system generated password.

    • Only after activation of account, user can login to system.

    • User has to update his temporary password which he/she received on email.

  • STEP 3: - Authentication from MPCB (First time users)
    • Industry representive carry documents as per mail checklist & submit to the MPCB office physically (It is only one time process) to local office

    • After verification from MPCB, you are able to fill and submit the consent application form

  • STEP 4:
    • After user successfully get logged in, system will show all submitted, pending applications.

    • It will display application with unique application id, application date and status of application

  • STEP 5:
    • After clicking application menu from header, it will show links for all applications.

    • Using 'Change Password' link you can change account password.

  • STEP 6:
    • After clicking link 'Application for consent', it will show following form.

    • Here you can select consent type from 'Establish', 'Operate' and 'Renewal'.

    • If you selected establish then choose one option from 'Expansion' and 'New'.

    • If you selected renewal then choose one option from 'Normal Renewal' and 'Auto Renewal'.

    • From 'Submit to' dropdown, select SRO from you region.

  • STEP 7:
    • Fill the consent form,as per your industry production & its allied details.

    • Five documents are minimal documents,those are given below-
    • Capital Investment (C.A certificate / Balance sheet)

    • Local body NOC /MIDC NOC

    • Process flow diagram(production details)-Manufacturing process

    • Industry registration

    • Land ownership certificate or equivalent

    • To confirm your application processing, upload above minimal documents.

  • STEP 8:
    • Bank Details for RTGS/NEFT

      Account Name: Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
      Bank Name: State Bank of India
      Bank Account No: 33874078751
      Bank Account Type: Current Account
      Bank Address: 76-A, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Rd, Gujarati Kelwani Mandal School, Matunga Br. Mumbai - 400015
      IFSC Code: SBIN0005350
      MICR Code: 400002056
    • Online application forms submitted on or after 01/09/2016 will have to remit application fee through e-Payment Gateway (Pay Now) only. [ They can’t make the payment through RTGS / NEFT or DD ]
    • Online application forms submitted before 01/09/2016 can pay application fee through RTGS / NEFT or DD
  • STEP 9:
    • Application under process in indicated by 'In process' status on industry dashboard.

  • STEP 10:
    • If your application is successfully accepted by MPCB, then 'Accepted' status will be display on user dashboard.

    • If your application is not successfully accepted by MPCB, then 'Rejected' status will be display on user dashboard.

  • STEP 11:
    • While processing of your consent application, if some more documents were required from your industry or some discrepency are observed-

    • The same will also communicate to your registered mail id and mobile number

  • STEP 12:
    • You are requested to upload the letter (in reply of discrepency letter) & the same will be communicated t SRO office and FO through mail

  • STEP 13:
    • After getting complete information from you, the consent copy of your industry is generated by MPCB & you will get signed copy of authorized signatory as per delegation of power through post & same copy should be uploaded to your web portal details.

    • The same will be communicated to you through mail & SMS of registered details of the company.

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