Accessing Legal Directions Issued to Industry

The legal direction copies are hosted on the website for the information of enterprenuers.

Sr. No Legal Action Number. Industry Name Address Region Category Direction Type Outward Number Issued On Scan Copy
1 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-110622002 M/s. Amirul Gold Polishing B-33, Vaishali Industrial Estate, Mhatre wadi Road, Dahisar (W) Mumbai - 68 Mumbai Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270002 27-06-2022
2 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-210622021 Bhavani Enterprises A-413,414,Vaishali Diamond Industrial Estate, Mahtre wadi, Dahisar (W), mUMBAI-68 Mumbai Green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270018 27-06-2022
3 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-110622001 Jay Bhavani Chain Vaishali Industrial Estate, Mahtrewadi Dahisar(W) Mumbai green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270003 27-06-2022
4 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-220622010 Munshi Polishing and Machine chool works Gala no.013,Vaishali Industrial Premises no.1, Mhatrewadi Road, Dahisar (W). mUMBAI-68 Mumbai Green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270015 27-06-2022
5 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-120622004 M/s. Naisha Gold Gala No. 207, 2nd Floor, Vaishali Industrial Estate Arch-II, Mahra Wadi, Dahisar (W), Mumbai-68 Mumbai Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270004 27-06-2022
6 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-120622008 M/s. Nazirul Islam Mallick Gala No. 307, Vaishali Industrial Estate, Mhatre Wadi, Dahisar (W), Mumbai-68 Mumbai Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270011 27-06-2022
7 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-120622009 M/s. Nozrul Borkundaj Gala No.308, Vaishali Industrial Estate, Arch-II, Mhatre Wadi, Dahisar (W), Mumbai-68 Mumbai Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270016 27-06-2022
8 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-120622010 M/s. Rajabhai Hirabhai Kaner Unit No. 124, Vaishali Industrial Estate, Arch-II, Mhatra Wadi, Dahisar (W), Mumbai-68 Mumbai Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270005 27-06-2022
9 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-210622024 Ramashankar N. Pal -- , 001, Arch-I, Vaishali Diamond Industrial Estate, Mhatrewadi, Dahisar (W) Mumbai Green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270012 27-06-2022
10 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-130622004 M/s. RUPA CHAIN Vaishali Ind. Premises No. 2, Mhatre Wadi Road, Dahisar Mumbai green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270017 27-06-2022
11 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-130622005 S.R. Barkandaj 2/305, Vaishali Industrial Estate Mahtre Wadi Road Dahisar (E) Mumbai orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270006 27-06-2022
12 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-220622001 Sheravali Gold Vaishali Ind. Estate, Arch-I, Mhatrewadi, Dahisar (W) Mumbai Green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270013 27-06-2022
13 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-210622019 Sumeru Jewellers Gala No. 015, Arch - l, Vaishali Diamond Industrial Estate, Mhatre Wadi Lane, Dahisar (W), Mumbai 40 Mumbai green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270014 27-06-2022
14 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-210622017 Swapan Harekrishna Pal Gala No. 204, 2nd Floor, Vaishali Ind. Premises - l, Mhatrewadi Road, Dahisar (W), Mumbai 400068 Mumbai orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270019 27-06-2022
15 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-130622006 Vimal Pranlal Suru B - 08/239, 2nd Floor, Vaishali Industrial Estate Premises II, Mhatre Wadi, Dahisar (W), Mumbai 4000 Mumbai orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2206270009 27-06-2022
16 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-090522001 Gee Limited Plot No.E-1, Road No.7, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane Thane Red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2206270011 27-06-2022
17 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-100622008 Moton Gala No. 225, Vaishali Industrial Estate, Mhatre wadi Road Dahisar (W) Mumbai Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2206270010 27-06-2022
18 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-200622017 Shree Sai Industries Gat no. 766 Pawarwasti, Kudalwadi, Chikhli, Pune. Pune Closure Direction 220620-FTS-0200 27-06-2022
19 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-210322015 Rohan Stone Crusher Gat No.223,Bhavadi,Tal-Haveli,Dist-Pune. Pune Closure Direction 220422-FTS-0189 27-06-2022
20 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-010622004 Concord Ultrafine Sand & Aggregates Gut No. 72, Village Nagzari, Palghar Thane Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2206270001 27-06-2022

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