Accessing Legal Directions Issued to Industry

The legal direction copies are hosted on the website for the information of enterprenuers.

Sr. No Legal Action Number. Industry Name Address Region Category Direction Type Outward Number Issued On Scan Copy
1 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-221021013 Municipal Council Parola Parola Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/72/1249 27-10-2021
2 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-221021011 Municipal council Erandol Erandol Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/71/1248 27-10-2021
3 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-221021009 Municipal council Jamner Jamner Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/70/1247 27-10-2021
4 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-221021007 Municipal council Chopda Chopda Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/69/1246 27-10-2021
5 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-211021031 Municipal Council Chalisgaon Chalisgaon Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/68/1241 27-10-2021
6 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-211021028 Municipal council amalner Amalner Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/67/1241 27-10-2021
7 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-221021010 Municipal Council Pachora Pachora Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/66/1241 27-10-2021
8 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-211021029 Municipal Council Bhusawal Bhusawal Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/Dir/65/1241 27-10-2021
9 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-211021027 Municipal Corporation Jalgaon Tal and Dist Jalgaon Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/RONK/Dir/241/246/2021 27-10-2021
10 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-230921006 M/s. CEC - ITD Cem- TPL, Joint Venture, Anik Wadala Road,Near Mono Rail Depot,Wadala (E) Mumbai Green Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110260005 26-10-2021
11 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-141021013 M/s. Asian Food Gala No. B2/B3, Bharat Compound, Opp. Dodhia Petrol Pump, Near Dara's Dhaba, Kashi Mira, Mira Road (E), Dist. Thane - 401 104 Thane Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110260001 26-10-2021
12 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-141021014 M/s. Galaxy Food C-5, Bharat Compound, Opp. Dodhia Petrol Pump, Near Dara's Dhaba, Kashi Mira, Mira Road (E), Dist Thane-401104 Thane Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110260002 26-10-2021
13 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-120321012 M/s. Crane Berry Plot No. 175, Green Park Industrial Estate -II, Poman, Tal. Vasai, Dist. Palghar Thane Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110260003 26-10-2021
14 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-060921012 Nandurbar Municipal Council Nandurbar Nashik Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110260002 26-10-2021
15 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-060921011 Shirpur Warvade Municipal Council Shirpur, Tal. Shirpur, Dist. Dhule. Nashik red Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110260001 26-10-2021
16 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-071219029 M/s. Diva Dumping Ground, Vill-Diva, Thane Vill-Diva, Thane Thane Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110260003 26-10-2021
17 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-190121004 Municipal Council Shegaon S.No.357, Shegaon, Dist. Buldana. Amravati red Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110250002 25-10-2021
18 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-030321016 STP Amravati Municipal Corporation. Lalkhadi, Amravati, Tal. and Dist.-Amravati Amravati Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110250001 25-10-2021
19 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-201021019 Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation , Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation Aurangabad Red Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110200006 20-10-2021
20 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-010121048 Mahalaxmi Co Op Yarn Processors Ltd 27-35 , Plot No-27-35,Sector II,Phase-1,Shri Laxmi Co-Op Industrial Estate Ltd, Hatkanangale Kolhapur Red Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110180001 20-10-2021

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