Accessing Legal Directions Issued to Industry

The legal direction copies are hosted on the website for the information of enterprenuers.

Sr. No Legal Action Number. Industry Name Address Region Category Direction Type Outward Number Issued On Scan Copy
1 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-230921012 Datta Krupa Stone Crusher Sr No-484,A/p-Kirduve,Tal-Sangameshwar Kolhapur Orange Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110180002 20-10-2021
2 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-131021033 M K stone 203, vill. Ovale, G. B. Road, Thane Thane Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110200001 20-10-2021
3 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-131021031 Jagannath Vishnu Temkar Vill.Ovale , G.B.Road, Thane Thane Orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110200002 20-10-2021
4 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-131021029 M/s. New Stone Enterprises Old S. No. 208(PT) New S. No. 4/2, Vill- Ovale, Nagla Bunder, Ghodbunder Road, Tal- Thane, Dist-Than Thane orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110200003 20-10-2021
5 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-131021028 Dynasty Engineering & Construction Company 208 , Survey No. 208, Vill. Ovale, G. B. Road, Nagala Bunder, Thane Thane Orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110200004 20-10-2021
6 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-121021002 M/s. B. G. THAKUR & SONS SURVEY NO. 208( PT), VILLAGE OVALE, G. B. ROAD, NAGLA BUNDER, TALUKA & DIST. THANE 400607 Thane orange Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110200005 20-10-2021
7 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-280820003 RAJPATH INFRACON PVT LTD GAT NO 846, A/P. GOPUJ TAL KHATAV DIST SATARA Pune orange Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2109300001 20-10-2021
9 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-230621008 Metamorphic Heat Treatment S. No.44/10/15, Pokale Patil Industries,Narhe, Tal-Haveli,Dist-Pune Pune Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110180002 18-10-2021
10 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-230621007 K. K. Industries S. No.38/2/8, Pokale Patil Industries,Narhe-Dhayari Road, Near Pari Company, Narhe Tal-Haveli,Dist-Pune Pune Proposed Direction MPCB/PD/2110180001 18-10-2021
11 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-170621005 Subash Shamrao Shitole Gat No. 554, A/P Dapodi, Tal Daund, Dist. Pune. Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110180003 18-10-2021
12 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-250621011 Yamunabai Bhajuji Hake Gat No. 323, Handalwadi, Daund, Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170011 18-10-2021
13 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-250621012 Ganesh Tukaram Thorat Gat no. 205/1, Mhasoba chok,kedgaon, Tal- Daund,Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170010 18-10-2021
14 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-250621010 Suresh Rama Tengale Gat No. 266, Handalwadi Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170009 18-10-2021
15 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-250621006 Dattatray Balasabheb Deshmukh Deshmukh sheri A/p Kedgaon, Gat No. 148,Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170008 18-10-2021
16 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-220621002 Vibhishan Taware Gat. No. 671, Yadavwadi Khamgaon, Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170007 18-10-2021
17 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-250621007 Shri Jagtap Dhanjay (operator)Popat Bhika Kalape (land owner) Gat No 205, Handalwadi A/p Kedgaon, Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170006 18-10-2021
18 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-250621008 Ram Jeevan Gul Udyog Mhasoba Chowk, Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170001 18-10-2021
19 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-300621015 Rajendra Naravan Khodve Gat No. 311, Dapoadi Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170002 18-10-2021
20 MPCB-LEGAL_ACTIONS-300621019 R.N. Yadav Gat No.1585, Yadavwadi,Khamgaon Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune Pune Closure Direction MPCB/CD/2110170003 18-10-2021

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