• Don't have MPCB portal account

    Go to http://portal.mpcb.gov.in/registration and fill required details and submit it. Your will receive instruction detail mail follow that mail and activate your account.

    I have login credentials but not able to login

    May be your account is not activated yet. After you register with MPCB portal you will receive registration confirmation mail. Where you can find ‘click here to activate account’ link. By clicking that link you can activate your account. After activating your account you can use same credentials for login.

    Forgot login details

    To reset your account password click on ‘Forgot Password Click Here’. It will open forgot password page. Enter your account official email address and your will receive your new system generated random password for your account. 

    Want to change account password.

    Change your account password. Click on ‘Change Password’ link from top right menu. It will open change password page. Provide your current password and new password. After successfully submitting your form your password will set to new one.

    My application is submitted or not?

    After you submit your application you will receive confirmation email on your industry email. It contain unique application number of you submitted application.

    How to fill up the application form?

    Please refer to the user guide

    Mandatory documents required for submission

    1. Capital Investment(C.A certificate/Balance sheet)
    2. Process flow diagram (production details) manufacturing process
    3. Industry Registration
    4. Land ownership certificate or equivalent
    5. Detailed proposal of pollution control system

    How to check status of application

    Please check the status of your application at the dashboard.

    How much time is required to obtain consent


    How to submit my consent payment/fee to board

    Fill up the consent application form in web portal then take its printout from printout option(along with minimal documents) & draw a D.D in favour of MPCB payable@ of consent processing fees as per your investment slabs as per board revised fees structure & submit to local SRO office by hand.

    How to verify registration documents from MPCB

    When you fill up the Industry basic information in the web portal,you will get an auto generated mail for industry registration verification.Fill the details as per mail like authority letter of company letter head,Industry boards reslution/list of director,industry registration & id proof & submit it to local SRO office.

    How to know additional information required by board with respect to my application.

    While processing your consent applicaition,if some more documents were required from your industry or some discrepancy are observed,the same were uploaded in the web portal and the same will also communicate to your registered mail id and mobile number.

    How to submit my additional information

    You are requested to upload the letter(in reply of discrepancy letter) and the same will be communicated to SRO office & FO through mail.

    How to lodge complaint related to web portal

    You can lodge a complaint through mail on enquiry@mpcb.gov.in.

    How to change my mail-id & mobile number

    Contact your local SRO office along with new documents for industry registration verification document along with old industry registration verification documents submitted by your industry & the documents of same signed by MPCB officer(previously signed documents).

    What should be filled as"Detail list of Planning authority".

    Provide the details about - from whom Planning authority certification is obtained. (For example: Industries in MIDC area obtains certification from MIDC.)

    What should be filled as "Company Registration No.".

    The Registration Number obtained from Government authority.

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